The Kingscliff Bakery Company came into existence in April 2013.  

It was established by Allan and Leanne Morrison, part-time Kingscliff residents.  Allan and Leanne 'retired' to Kingscliff a few years ago.  Leanne and her family have been holidaying at Fingal for more than twenty years, and it took no time at all for Allan to join with them in becoming a lover of all things Kingscliff.  Needless to say, 'retirement' didn't take, and the couple embarked on a new endeavour - to provide a great local product, with great service, for the local restaurants, clubs and cafes they so dearly love frequenting.

Allan's previous life as a Managing Director for an award-winning manufacturing company meant he had first hand knowledge of the importance of good suppliers, and what sets them apart from the crowd.  Great quality, service and products - every time.  Together, Allan, Leanne and their energised local team are working hard to ensure you will love their service as much as their bread. 


In looking for the ideal bakery manager to run their new endeavour, Allan and Leanne reached out to professional baker, Allan Bellingham.  Allan has significant experience working in major Brisbane bakeries, and is a passionate believer in the art of baking.  Today, Allan is leading a team of dedicated professional bakers at Kingscliff who are committed to baking inspired artisan bread, that their customers will love, and they can be proud of.  

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